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Bothering me

Bothering me ~ VIP Message for Sandy:

My mother passed away ten years ago, and something has been bothering me. When they were taking her away for a test, we all were saying goodbye to her. When I bent down to kiss her, she started saying something like “button.” She had an oxygen mask on, so it was hard to understand. I thought she was looking for the call button. She was 88 years old. She never regained consciousness and died later that night. Was she trying to tell me something important, she said nothing to my other sisters.

Laura Lee: I’m sorry to hear about your mother, Sandy. 

When we replay the past over in our minds, it means there was no closure and healing. 

In hindsight, you’re probably kicking yourself for not removing the mask to hear what she had to say. IF so, this is a confirmation for the following message ~ I hope it will help you to let go of the guilt and give you peace.  

There was nothing more you could have done to improve upon her situation. She knew she was going in and not coming out. And that was part of her frustration, panic, disorientation, and confusion with everyone’s goodbyes. She began to grasp the implications by the time she got to you. It was very discomforting (emotionally, mentally, and physically) for her. There was no reciprocation because she couldn’t respond in her weakened state. Plus, the mask didn’t help. It was uncomfortable, and she wasn’t getting the necessary oxygen despite its best effort (causing more disorientation). She didn’t have the strength to remove it for herself to let anyone know. From what I see, she may have lightly tapped around with her fingers ~ do you recall ~ but it was more to grasp you in a desperate call to say not leave her side. She knew it was a monumental moment. 

How to let go and begin to heal; Every time this reoccurring image pops in your mind, take a deep inhale and exhale freeing it from your heart. Visualize releasing the image into heavens light. Affirm the following out loud; Bless (your mother’s name) is at peace, love, and joy. 

And she is at peace. 

I recommend reading Angel Message; FORGIVE  and Angel Message; BEGINNING 

Bless, LL

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