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Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance ~ VIP Message for Brian:

Hi Laura! I have been strongly recommended to have a surgical procedure that I am very hesitant about proceeding.  It seems that if I don’t have the surgery, there could be some serious problems in my future, though not guaranteed. However, having the surgery could also cause major issues that could last up to a year or for the rest of my life. Not to mention the operation will be financially crippling. I need spiritual guidance. Thank you!

Laura Lee: Let me preface that I’m not a medical doctor Brian. However, yes, I can share how to proceed from a spiritual perspective!

Have you ever heard that old saying, “When in doubt, don’t….” 

Well, don’t…at least not until it is clear for you!

IF it doesn’t feel right, it’s not right ~ now. Per your words, “very hesitant” ~ there is probably a good reason why you think this way. First, you need more information. Since this weighs on you physically, emotionally, mentally ~ and financially, too ~ I’d seek advice from a second medical professional (if necessary, a third). Even then, I would weigh out the advice with a heart check. Set aside quiet time where you won’t be disturbed and ask yourself; Is the surgery right for me? 

How do you feel in the body? 

Listen to your heart. It is intuitive and is a signal from divine guidance that’s on the mark. IF you feel anxiety, scared, or pain in the heart center, the answer is no. IF you feel peace, joy, or a warm sensation in the heart, the answer is yes. 

I would also investigate alternative healing resources, too, whether they involve physical (or other healing) therapy, an exercise conducive for easing pain, or dietary changes that can reduce inflammation in the body. There are also supplements (or other medical resources) on the market that I sense can aid you too. It doesn’t hurt to investigate and try them out. The best part is that they cost less. I sense you’ve already studied options and the key is to pay attention to the ones that keep resurfacing in your thoughts or suggestions you hear from other people time and time again. IF you’ve heard the same advice three times or more, go in that direction.  

I get a sense that the surgery is about the lower half of your body. Energetically and emotionally speaking, this is about not moving forward because you lack support. You’re stuck in a rut. You’re allowing someone, or something, hold you back from your past. If you know what I mean ~ it’s time to let that go. The burden is something you’ve put upon yourself. It’s not doing you any good by carrying the weight around anymore. 

I suggest reading Angel Message; BALANCE 

Bless, LL

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