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Strong heart
Message of Love from Jackie: My grandparents recently visited me in a dream where we were gathered in a waiting room of a hospital. They revealed my father was anxious about an upcoming medical test. They said that the test would result in more test. The second test, however, would prove he had a strong heart. I passed this information onto my father right before he went back into the hospital for the second test, which I was not privy about this test until my grandparents visitation. He had hid this news from the family. The day he went into the hospital, they kept him longer than expected. My mother was frantic. I shared the information that I received from my grandparents which calmed her nerves. When my father was released, the doctor shared that his heart was as strong as a young mans confirming my grandparents message. Share your Message of Love Story for a chance to be included in a drawing for a free mediumship reading with Laura Lee on her new radio program launching this fall. By submission, you give permission to published your story blog. All name’s are changed to protect the author.
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