Messages of Love Story by Ruben This is a mysterious prophecy from an ET encounter with a young boy in Mexico who was warned about...
She waits
She waits now ~ Messages of Love Story by Sheri Carolynn and I met at a business conference when we accompanied our husbands; they’d go...
Conversations with spirit ~ Messages of Love Story by Lynn: My 93-year-old mother has been having non-stop conversations with spirit. I am listening to her...
A classic memory ~ Message of Love:  I’ve decided to begin a massive campaign to clean and organize my home with downtime this week. Thus...
Going to trust ~ Messages of Love by Mia:  Hello, dear Laura ~ I recently listened to you tell one of your callers (on Radio...
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Divine Order

Divine order

October 1, 2022
soul contract

A soul contract

September 13, 2022

In your imperfections

September 1, 2022