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Angel Message for September: I had trouble with this one because I’ve been sick with the flu and no less, over the holiday weekend! But, the image of a few angels kicking around a ball, having fun in the sun, kept coming to mind. (Maybe because I was picking up what I was missing out and about all around me!) I don’t believe this message means that you will necessarily kick a ball around this month, but anything that makes you feel like ‘playing’ as a child again. I’m told that grace will intervene to give you these opportunities throughout the month. It will be easy for you to participate. Even if it felt awkward, or you even felt guilty to play previously, these moments will come naturally in September. As I reflect upon this message, I actually had a nice afternoon with my daughter where we played spa and pretended to be chef’s making yummy treats. Despite not feeling my best, the time we shared did make me feel better. Thus, anything that has troubled you, will not only wash away, but these moments of ‘play’ will spontaneously inspire solutions to your challenges. Stay alert and keep me posted. Welcome your feedback. Bless, LL

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