Open ~ Angel Message: You are open to the possibilities. Anything can happen at any moment. Trust whatever appears good or bad, that there’s always...
Playful ~ Angel Message; The holiday inspires your playful spirit to emerge. It may be that a person(s), place (event), and or thing (show, book,...


Fun: Angel Message You take time out for fun. Whether you want it, or not, your spirit is drawn out to play and laugh with...
Angel Messages of Week: Ease. You move through all obstructions with grace and ease. Most barriers are created by your own mind. This week, however,...
Angel Messages for Week: Be open to engage in spontaneous moments of play. Maybe it’s having a tea party or playing a video game with...
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Trust guidance

Trust guidance

June 1, 2022

What physical signs

May 16, 2022

Crystal clear

May 3, 2022