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Angel Message for wk 9/8: Remember when I mentioned ‘grace’ will intervene during the month of September (last weeks post) and give you more opportunities for play ~ this is one of those weeks. That means the opportunity will happen naturally. And it will seem effortless for you to participate and play! I see a group of angels dancing, to their own beat, but together. So whether it is going out dancing, singing, acting, playing with a child, going to a party and or work on a creative project, you are inspired to jump in on the fun. This will make you feel more centered:  ‘Balanced’ is more like the key-word. This frees up any blocked energy that allows you to be more open and receptive to others. Bottom line, if you feel like sharing something from your heart, to others or someone else, don’t hold back…just say it because ‘grace’ is working through you to come to this point. Welcome your updates. Bless, LL

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