Angel Message for Wk 10/6: I see an angel sitting peacefully, almost meditating, under a shaded tree. This message falls underneath the idea that when you find ‘compassion’ (October’s message) in strained relationships, it frees you from the emotional turmoil. You have peace. Peace isn’t just given to us, we have to choose peace. In turn, your energy is restored and you can proceed with your life purpose: Those things you feel passionate about, or things you need to do, to feel complete. Attempts to move forward with purpose, will move you out of the feeling of being ‘trapped’, ‘stuck’ and or ‘cornered’ into circumstances. If you can take a step back, maybe even meditate, you’ll see that you everything is perfectly aligned, that you are enough and you have the support in place. That’s because you have had divine intervention. Welcome your feedback! Bless, LL

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