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Angel Message for October ~ Compassion: I see two angels come together and embrace. I believe this month’s message is all about reuniting a strained relationship(s) by having compassion. This means seeing things from other people’s perspective, respecting that they have their daily challenges too, and cutting them a break…I found a quote that stated, ‘Be kind for everyone is fighting a hard battle.’ This is especially important for those you make live up to your high expectations. Your ability to move toward your heart center, and put yourself in their shoes, will bridge you together. And in turn, they will pay you the same respect. This act is easy if we just ‘listen’ to what the other person has to say, instead of jumping in with our own stuff before they’ve complete a thought 🙂 Or maybe it means you offer help in a small way to show that you care. Again, it could be a simple gesture, such as they may need to be heard and validated. No need to control the situation or the other person. Just be present and you’ll see the transformation. Before months end, you will be delighted you took this advice. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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