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Angel Messages for Week 10/26 ~ OPEN: The Angel of Open~ness is ushering in a sense of peace and love into your heart so that you welcome all possibilities this week. Her presence will help you simply surrender any concerns, fears, negativity or struggles against life’s flow. This will happen easy enough through play, and laughter too, to lighten things up a bit and release your guard so to see things more clearly. Maybe it’s a Halloween party, or you dress up with the kids to celebrate the season, carve a pumpkin or it’s an adult time out for dinner, scary movie, sports game or even playing a sport. Whatever you do to ‘play’ this week, it makes things easier to stay focused, offer more clarity (OCT angel message), about a new life direction that is opening up for you. Naturally, this angel wants you to surrender those fears to keep you moving forward in this new direction. IF you still find yourself struggling upstream, by end of week, ask this angel to open your heart to the possibilities surrounding you. Welcome your feedback! Bless, LL

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