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Near the sea
Near the sea ~ VIP Message: 
Hi Laura, I live in the UK and have nearly always lived by the sea, in many different locations. I currently live in a landlocked area and long to know when I will move to be near the sea again, as I know this will happen at some stage, but it depends on so many factors. Can you help answer this question? Many thanks, Lily
Laura Lee: Ah, Lily, you speak to my own heart. 
Yes, you’ll return to the sea, because you have the will. 
Your will finds a way to make it happen ultimately.
You’ll know the tide is turning in your favor by these factors;
  1. You will be drawn back to the sea by someone special in your life who lives near the ocean ~ if not, already on it. Trips back and forth, mini vaca’s, are like dipping your foot back into the water. It won’t be long afterward that you’ll find a new home near the seashore.
  2. I receive that a close child (and or more than one child in your life?) will be all grown up, allowing you the freedom to roam about wherever the wind blows.
  3. The pandemic will have passed over, allowing all to move about freely too.
All this, of course, is not the only thing contingent on your move.
There are more factors that keep replaying in your mind, but these three points are clear signs you’re heading towards the water’s edge.
Finally, have you ever lived, visited, and or dreamt of southern France ~ at the Mediterranean? 
I get there is a special connection to this place on the map. 
IF it resonates, it’s a confirmation that you’re heading in the right direction. 
With patience, time will tell you where you belong. 
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