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Determination ~ Angel Message:

Your determination is what sets you apart from the pack. Most everyone would give up before they got to the finish line; it’s too hard. But you, something deep within, pushes onward no matter how hard it gets. It doesn’t mean you don’t feel like throwing in the towel at times. Your soul, however, knows that while it may not happen tomorrow, the day after, next week or by month-end, that sweat and tears pay off; all in divine time. So shrug off any doubts that arise. Celebrate the mini victories as they arrive as signs of good things to come. 

A determined mindset works around blocks. Your will finds a way around negativity or setbacks too. It isn’t apparent to the ordinary person, who says, “forget it” because we already tried it. Or someone who complains about insurmountable obstacles on their path from reaching their destination. Or the person who quits before they even begin because they think they don’t have the right degree/certification, look, age, health conditions, or wealth. And you’re not going to let anyone else steal your thunder just because they think you’ll fail. Nothing or no one is ever going to knock you down or stop you from doing what your heart says is true. Even if you’re tired, you keep on, keeping on. 

Your determined spirit is a valued trait. Others recognize your special quality where you exude confidence and courage. They might not consciously be able to put their finger on it, but they respect you. And before you realize it, you’re surrounded by people who see your superpower and follow your lead. They believe in you too, and it fuels your flame. Support rally’s around your cause (including loved ones who may have dismissed you previously), giving you a lift to fly where you’re going. 

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