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Feeling stuck

Feeling stuck ~ VIP Message:

Hi, Can you ask my angels for career guidance; I am thankful for where I am and my current income, but I desperately want to cut back on work, maybe only work 2 or 3 days a week BUT bring in more revenue. I am feeling stuck. What are my next steps to get towards that goal? Jill

Laura Lee: Your goal is achievable, Jill.

As a spiritual advisor, the following comes to mind to help achieve your goal.

Spend time doing only the task that you love. Delegate the work you’d prefer not to do to someone who else who can manage for you. The love for your work radiates positive energy. What you give out you get back. Favorable vibes draw all good to you in measurable ways; the right people, resources, and money will support your endeavor. Prioritize and dedicate your time to the most valuable tasks to increase your self-worth, which translates monetarily.

The critical ingredient is LOVE.

Increase your rates to match your self-worth. Or find work that will pay your worth and allows for a flexible schedule. If you haven’t already, set the intention to do it straight away. It’s easier to plan your day as an independent contractor or a business owner. However, being solo isn’t without downsides, too, such as cash flow during pandemics. Working for someone else can bring about financial stability, but may limit your flexibility.

I feel blessed to remain independent and retain a lot of my old clients for over 20 years. That’s because I ‘love’ on them as much as possible. I honor those who are loyal by maintaining their original rates, prioritize them in my schedule, and stay in contact. However, I continue to set my prices accordingly to circumstances and as well as my time. If a new client returns, however, I reward them in the same manner. I also only offer services that I love to do, such as email readings 🙂 and taking callers on RADIO MEDIUM. These practices have weathered me through difficult times.

Schedule a sacred day into your workweek. Please do it now! Reserve ONE day with the activity you prefer to be doing. I know this sounds scary because you believe you don’t have enough or not deserving enough to reserve the time. Lack is fear ~ not love. Feel the fear and do it anyway. You have all you need to accomplish anything. Fill your time with what is most important to you. And then protect it by setting boundaries. You’re worth it. IF you don’t fill in your schedule with what you want, someone else will do it for you.

IF you see it, you believe and achieve it!

Focus on what you want ~ not what you don’t want. With practice, patience, and commitment ~ you’ll eventually tame your ego; that part of self that wants to keep you small. And you’ll accept the fact that “YES I CAN!”


PS There are others in the world, achieving the four day work week ~ model their behavior and structure. If you haven’t already, I recommend reading “4 day work week” for the practical, real-world, ideas to achieve your goal too. And or cut/paste this URL into the browser;

BTW, I don’t get a kickback for any book suggestion 🙂

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