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444 Signs Calling Him Home

By Gia Hawk

444 Signals Calling Him HomePrior to the passing of my brother Jerry, for 6 months I was seeing the numbers 444, on everything not realizing what it meant at the time. Sadly I found out in March 2011 at 4:44am, this would be the time he passed away. I can say now, Jerry was born as an Earth Angel. He was here to teach us lessons in unconditional love and compassion. He always had kind words about everyone and he held no judgments on anyone. We, as a family, my brothers and sister, placed judgments on him while he was alive, because we didn’t agree with choices he was making in his life, which eventually led to his death.

Recently, I have been struggling with changes in my own life. I had been asking Jesus and my Guardian Angels for guidance. Then 3 weeks ago they sent a messenger to me while I was sleeping. In my dream, I was crawling through a dark tunnel, at the end of it was a golden light and I could see a man standing in blue jeans and a white t-shirt and behind him were Angels. And voices were coming from the light. A hand reached out to help me up and it was Jerry. I told him I knew he was there in spirit. We hugged each other so tight and he explained he was there to answer my questions that I had heavy on my mind. He answered all my questions with love and compassion and without judgment. Jerry held me as I melted into his arms as I wept from the answers I received. When I woke in the morning I was clear of mind, my confusion gone I had learned a lesson and the knowing I was blessed by the universe to have had an Earth Angel as a brother. I know now the numbers 444 where signs that they were calling him home. I know he is shining down on us from heaven. Blessings and love, Joanne

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