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A Little Bird Sends A Message

by Lucy Gonzales

LucyGonzalas_LuciMy cousin Luci passed away last month in a car accident.  She was 29 years old and in her 2nd year of law school.  Although she lived in Southern California and we only saw each other at family gatherings, I felt a strong connection to her.  Not only do we share the same name, but we both went into the same field of law.  My aunt was devastated when she found out about Luci’s death.  Not only did she just lose her youngest daughter, but she had also lost her husband to cancer the year before.  The day of the funeral, the day we were to say our last goodbyes to Luci, I couldn’t help but see a little hummingbird flying around all by itself near us.  It landed on a religious statue near the services and watched the pastor speak.  It then began to fly around and finally perched itself on a nearby cross.  As the services came to an end, my aunt walked over to the mausoleum to lay Luci to rest.  As she walked to the mausoleum, the hummingbird flew over to her and flew in front of her face and flapped its wings at a standstill in midair making face to face contact with my aunt.  My aunt broke down in tears and the hummingbird flew over to Luci’s mausoleum and perched itself on top of it. At the time this was happening, we did not know that the hummingbird was my aunt’s favorite bird, until her son came over to us to tell us what he just witnessed!  You see, Luci’s brother, who witnessed this, does not believe in life after death, he believes in neutrons and energy and is into physics.  Luci joined us that day to let us know that she is ok and is in a better place.  She brought comfort to her mom in the form of her favorite bird, the humming bird, and possibly and hopefully helped and pointed her brother into the direction of believing that her spirit still lives on! After the funeral we all went to my aunt’s home for a family gathering, I felt peace and the presence of Luci as I walked through the front gate of her home and saw all the hummingbird lawn statues in front of the house and the hummingbird photos and knickknacks that adorned the inside of the home. Yes, Luci is in a better place, every hummingbird we see will remind us of that.  We know we’ll reconnect with her at the end of each life’s road.  We’ll see her cherished face again when we release our earthly load.  Rest in peace sweet Luci.

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