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Meant to be
Meant to be ~ VIP Message:

Any guidance for the relationship with my boyfriend Luke; is he meant to be in my life long term? Thank you, Krysten 

Laura Lee: The answer is always in the question.

You wouldn’t ask the question if you already’ knew’ the answer.

When you don’t ‘know, something within you already senses that the answer is doubtful.

Intuitively, feelings of doubt are suggesting you step back for more information.

Your answer also depends on how you define a long-term ‘boyfriend’; is he for a reason, a season, or a lifetime?

I sense that Luke is meant to be a boy ‘friend’ for a long while.

Because you’re an open-hearted person.

You are good at forgiving people and remaining friends with some of your exes.

Something about Luke’s energy is unsettling; a feeling of where he wants to be (living) long-term.

If you heard him talk about moving to other parts of the country or world and didn’t include you, this confirms my message.

Due to his unsettled feelings about his whereabouts, he’s uncertain about having his own family.

He flip-flops about what he wants and doesn’t like to be pressured.

Luke has a difficult time committing to a future with not only you ~ but anyone!

While love is complicated, I believe you all came together to make it more transparent for you what you want in a relationship.

I believe you’ll know when it’s meant to be the right person.

Your aunty with the pixie cut says that he doesn’t check all the boxes that you (or your family) would want in a mate for you.

Someone better suited for you is destined to come along.

I recommend Dr. Pat Allen’s book ‘Getting to I do’, which is about sustaining a long-term relationship.

Also, I recommend Sandra Anne Taylor’s Secrets of Attraction.

The books are brilliant for a lady who knows what she wants….and that is precisely why it overwhelms men like ~ Luke!

Finally, I suggest reading July Angel Message: Rhythm

I hope that helps ~ Keep me posted!

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