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Rhythm ~ July Angel Message:
You finally find your rhythm again.

Or your rhythm found you while trying out some new moves! Change is always throwing us out of sync. But, there’s always a good reason to modify our patterns and get out of an old rut. You needed to discover a better way that works for you ~ now. As you pick up the tempo, it reverberates well into the future. And the rhythm positively impacts all those people who have supported you plus many more who hear the call. It wasn’t easy to get into the flow, but congratulations on forging a new path. 

Steadfast confidence gave way to discover your rhythm.

While trying to figure out your groove, you tripped over your own feet and stepped on other people’s toes. With practice and patience, you became more comfortable with newer and more improved movements. It’s called grace. You’re in lockstep once you discover what it’s all about for you. 

Your rhythm resonates with your heartbeat.

Your quick im-pulse is unlike anyone else. It’s uniquely you, and this is why it works. People who get the moves will immediately step out onto the dance floor with you. Don’t stop the show to persuade the wallflowers to join you too. They don’t have what it takes. Let them live in the shadows while you enjoy the dance of life. 

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