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COVID vaccine; OK?

COVID vaccine; OK? ~ VIP Message:

I speak to my spirit guides, ascended masters, and angels all the time, but I can’t hear them, so I’m hoping through you they can answer my question. My question is this if I get the Covid vaccine, will I be OK? There’s a long story as to why I’m on the fence, but I’m hoping they and you can help me out. Thank you so much for your help! Cassandra 

Laura Lee: Allow me to preface that I’m not a doctor, Cassandra. As a spiritual advisor, I always suggest you talk to your physician about your medical concerns and then get more than ONE professional’s opinion (THE INTERNET IS NOT RELIABLE SOURCE ~ speak to a live person 🙂 concerning this critical decision for your physical, mental and emotional health!

I get the impression that you’ll receive all systems go for a COVID vaccine!

I also believe that you’re going to be OK by getting the vaccine. No hurry or pressure; do it when it feels right for you to go. I promise it will be crystal clear to you at the right moment!

Yes, you’ve received notice about what could happen, but I don’t get you’re in that percentile. Sure, there will be mild side effects, but nothing you can’t handle. You are stronger than you know ~ and come from good stock. You are all fighters! Dwell on the positive side effects for yourself and your family’s long-term. Boy, you’ll be happy to have it over and de around the time school starts when your clan returns to classes!

Finally, you can’t hear your guides and angels because your fear drowns their answers, and or you are scared of making the wrong decision. Fear shuts down our receptors for clear guidance and direction. When we hesitate, it means we need more information. Hence, I suggest going beyond my psychic impressions and talk to more than one medical professional to ease your mind.

Doctors’ encouragement will open the gateway for you to get vaccinated COVID! 

You can trust guidance when you receive the message that it is OK to proceed with the vaccine by three or more reliable sources.

I sense that you already have those confirmations to greenlight your safe passage.

Spirit guides and your angels do help to make life decisions such as getting COVID vaccinated.

Have you taken one of my courses Contact Your Spirit Guide or Contact Your Guardian Angel? Check them out on my website for dates, times and register now because class size is limited. Each workshop identifies how we receive signals from higher forces; guides, angels, and dearly departed. There are many ways we receive heavenly messages that include hearing, but we can also see, feel, and know, without doubt, their signals too! These courses help you make real-world important life decisions, such as taking a COVID shot!

I recommend you read my latest ANGEL MESSAGE: HOPEFUL as it applies to your question. As always, keep me posted! 

Cassandra’s response to Laura’s answer about the COVID vaccine; 

Cassandra: Hi, I have to tell you this just clicked for me after re-reading your email. Between yesterday and today, I have made three doctor’s appointments. I expected them to be quite spread out, but miraculously, they’re all in a row. I have one tomorrow, one June 24, and one June 28.

My train of thought was that these three doctor appointments would give me enough confidence that I am a healthy person and would feel better about taking the vaccine. Before I even made these appointments, I told myself I would wait six months from the time I had COVID for my body to have a break before I even considered the vaccine. Again interestingly enough, June would be the sixth month, and all these appointments take me to the end of that.

I think it’s safe to say this is all lining up exactly as it should, and I should feel confident moving forward. The universe is funny! Cassandra 

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