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Tormenting spirit

Tormenting spirit ~ VIP Message for Sophia: 

It has been a little over three months, and no matter what I have done, there is a spirit that will not go away. The spirit started to mimick 4 to 5 voices, including Archangel Raphael helping me with my son, to Archangel Gabriel, helping me write five chapters of a book. When I figured it out, the tormenting started. It will be helpful for a while, and then the tormenting begins all over again. Keeping me awake, putting pressure on my chest and throat, and other chakras like a game to see how much I can take. It does not matter if I try to set boundaries. I have a severely disabled child who does not sleep much and can not take much of it anymore. Yes, I have asked Archangel Micheal and my spiritual team for help and have had three to four other readings. Each healer said something different. I developed clairaudience around December 31, and this thing, a spirit, just showed up! Maybe this is some soul lesson, but I cannot do this much longer! How long is this being (spirit) going to be tormenting me? Thanks, Sophia

Laura Lee: The torment will continue as long as you stand to put up with it Sophia. 

Take back your power by becoming proactive in the following ways; 

1) Seek out assistance from a medical professional. If the voice(s) are invoking physical pain and or torture, then you must speak, if not see (depending on your Governor’s state regulations about seeing medical assistance during our crisis), a professional physician or a counselor as soon as possible. If you have already done so or contemplated going, you are on the right track to reclaiming your health. 

Given everything that’s happening in our world, we are all under enormous amounts of pressure. Compound that feeling with being a mother, no less caring for a disabled child. Fear can invoke more hardship, especially if we empower it with more attention. Some sensitive souls take on more than others, and this can crush their spirits. One way to overcome fear is to redirect our focus. 

HEALTH is the number one priority for you and your family members during this time. Without your well-being, you can’t function in other areas in your life, and you won’t be able to support your disabled child. IF you’ve ever flown on an airplane, the stewardesses will tell you to take the air cup first in a crisis before you can help anyone else. That’s what is happening right now in the world. You come first ~ take necessary precautions to be of use to anyone else around you.  

On that note…

2) Focus on your life force with these essentials. Concentrate on getting proper exercise (it is the best form of antidepressant on the market) to boost endorphins that help relieve stress and pain (scientific fact). Eat nutritious food that energizes your body and mind (and not indulging or eating too little food). Get the proper amount of rest (includes time outs, break in silence, prayer and or meditation, and or sleep) to re-energize your spirit. And regular exercise, proper diet all support healthy sleep patterns. Minimize or eliminate any recreational drugs or alcohol to support cognitive functioning. All these things come first to be a better person and parent (for me, a businesswoman and a public spiritualist advisor). It’s not to say that we are 100% perfect all the time, especially given the current crisis, but always do your best every day to support your peak mental, physical, and spiritual health. 

Are you doing any of this? 

IF NOT, immediately change what is not working for you….I get the sense you are neglecting areas that are affecting your sleep and, in turn, depleting your energy levels. These are things you can change and start implementing right now. 

3) Ask for support, and you shall receive it. As a spiritualist and dealing with spirits my whole life, I can say that they will leave your space upon asking them to leave. And sometimes it requires more than asking them nicely. At times, you have to SHOUT IT OUT to get their attention. IF this isn’t the case, as you expressed, there was no relief in sight after asking it/them to leave ~ then it is something more profound than say a spirit and will require more medical intervention immediately. 

Also, I am not always an open book as a professional medium. Meaning I need many breaks from spirit communication just as I do from interactions with any other human being. I take care of myself first by getting my rest ~ and that includes taking time outs. Every night I seal my personal space off with a prayer. Some people say the lord’s prayer. IT all works. For me, I channel the following; 

I welcome into my sacred space all angels of light to watch over me tonight (and I visualize this happening). 

Help me fall fast asleep with sweet dreams until mornings light, and I know safely protected by the angels. 

Feel free to use this prayer or inject words that resonate with your heart; Practice what works best for you. 

Finally, angels will not abandon you during this process. Asking for help put you in touch with me and other healers. Take care of yourself, seek medical assistance too. They can help you get well also. There is no separation from spirit, mind, and body ~ meaning traditional (scientific) therapies work hand in hand with alternative (prayer) therapies. It all comes from divine inspiration. Angelic guidance DOES not ask you to harm yourself or another. The heavens will offer you the necessary support as long as you are willing to accepting, receive it, and by taking action upon advice. IF you heard any of these similar messages from other healers and or had resonating thoughts (3X or more), it is a call to action. 

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I hope that helps ~ keep me posted. Bless, LL

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