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Respect ~ Angel Message:

Respect yourself to deserve the same respect. If you feel deflated by how another person mistreats you, it’s time to put your foot down by addressing the situation. Change the way you respond to create different results. Call out why you feel disrespected. Demand new boundaries for their unacceptable behavior. Set expectations by sharing the consequences of their ill will towards you, such as walking out the door or hanging up anytime the situation arises. Whatever it is, be clear and consistent to teach the other person(s) what is acceptable for future engagements with you. 

Self-respect is learned behavior. Family and social conditioning taught you, self-love. It was what you believed you deserved. However, it no longer feels right because the other party gets under your skin whenever they show up in this manner. You know you deserve and expect more in your relationship(s). You previously addressed the situation with the other party, but they still don’t take you seriously. Teach them how to engage with you. To be effective, you must be consistent as training a child. Think ahead of how you plan to respond calmly, but share in a matter of fact way of how you expect new boundaries. Patiently follow through every time. Not only will this make you feel more empowered, but it will give you more peace too. What resonates within your soul, you’ll manifest in your physical world.

Respect others in the same manner; you desire treatment. In the way you feel disrespected, think back to a moment where you engaged disrespectfully towards another person in the same manner. Perhaps the other person addressed the situation with you or stormed off. But you shrugged it off, thinking they were overly sensitive or blowing it out of proportion. Respectfully so, you get back what you give out. Modify your behavior to change future dynamics. Practice vigilantly to be more respectful of the other person too. Mutual understanding and respect strengthen your relationships. 

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