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I Loved Little Bumper

by Angel

I Loved Little Bumper

As I was sitting on the computer tonight, I noticed our old cocker spaniel running around the apartment. He passed away many years ago with cancer. He had to be put down because the cancer was near his brain and it made him bite people, because he must have been in such pain.  I watched him intently, then I asked his spirit to roll over and he did his old trick for me. I spent many hours teaching him tricks like sit, roll over, and give me paw, etc. I loved little Bumper. I was very sad when he passed. Just prior to writing you, I had been sitting on the couch with my partners dog lucky and was thinking about how I have had so much love from my animal friends my whole life. It was great to see him again, in spirit. It’s nice to know that he is still around me. And it made me smile when I’m finding it hard too these days.

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