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Life goes on

Message of Love from Robert ~ We recently received an announcement that our family reunion is this summer. We are looking forward to the gathering since a few more additions, babies, have come into the world. The other evening, while I was sound asleep, I believe I had a visitation with family members from the other side to make me aware that they too will make a presence at the gathering. In the dream, we were altogether, deceased and living family members, at the reunion. My cousin, who passed in his early 20’s, appeared at the reunion alongside his son, and his little boy (both of which are alive). My cousin shape shifted his appearance. First looking like his youthful self and then appearing to look like his existing son (who is now 25 or more). My grandfather, who is also deceased, was sitting among the family reunion too. He was really happy being among all his children, including his deceased grandson (my cousin) who sat along his side. My grandfather, his grandson (my cousin), his son and his child, all have the same name. We also have another child, recently born, from another family member who bares the same name of my grandfather too. While I sat present, among all of them in the dream, I felt like I witnessed the life cycle of birth and death. It’s as if my grandfather was and is present in each and every one of his children. I came away from the message that life goes on.

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