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Message of Love from Leah: I’ve been going through a difficult time since losing my job over a year ago. I haven’t been able to replace my income, as of yet, and I have enormous pressure to do so since I’m the breadwinner. I’m also a single parent. I’ve prayed nightly for guidance. While I’m not religious, I retain a strong faith from being raised around a Christian family. Last night, I had a visitation from Christ. I did not pray to him specifically, but I did pray before going to sleep. I could feel his presence and I could hear him speak as if he stood by me. He introduced me to two of his children named David and Goliath. I didn’t think of the famous story about David and Goliath from the bible until I woke up. At the time, I just saw the two men standing before me. David’s heart was glowing with love. I could feel it. And Christ said that it was ‘his’ heart within David, which gave him strength to conquer any challenge. Then he demonstrated by showing David being bullied by Goliath. No harm came to David. In fact, David seemed unmoved by anything thrown physically and verbally at him. He said my heart possessed the same strength and courage, because I am his child, like David. When I woke from the dream, it felt real, as if it happened. My experience is indescribable with words. While I feel renewed, I do not claim to be reborn. Again, I am not practicing any religion, nor do I foresee joining any congregation in the future. I’m not even trying to make anyone believe by telling my story. But, I know without doubt that Christ’s heart is real. While my experience was very personal, I wanted to share my experience to give hope to others going through similar situations.

IF you have a story to share about angels, miracles or messages from your dearly departed (spirit guides), please email it, along with a digital image (if possible) to; [email protected]

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