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Message of Love from Sharon: My son is struggling to fit into his new school and make friends. It is making our day to day life challenging as he resists going to school. He says that he ‘hates’ his school. He is incredibly shy at school, and around his peers, but at home he is full of energy and uninhibited with what appears an outgoing personality. I’ve tried to encourage him to be involved in outside activities, such a sports and clubs, that would make those connections. However, he usually ends up resisting to join and or quiting shortly after we’ve begun with a myriad of excuses. I’ve also involved a teacher that worked out a system where his participation in school discussions (and with peers) was rewarded based on a merit system. It seemed to be working, at first, but recently we’ve seen him backslide and I could see his behavior get worse at home. I felt I’ve exhausted the school over the matter and while they’ve been helpful, I’m dismayed by our progress since we are already into spring session. I’ve even tried talking to him about what challenges he is facing at school at it seems harder and harder connect with him on anything that is relevant to this matter. As a single parent, I talked it over with another family member who discussed the possibility of getting help from a professional counselor. Still feeling deflated, however, I went to bed that night finally giving it up and asked for the angels help. The next day, after I prayed, I received a phone call from the school social worker. She gave us a referral to a professional counselor and offered to personally visit with my son too. I believe it was an answer to my prayers. I’m so grateful for this little miracle ~ and hope that we can find some answers for my son sooner than later.

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