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September Angel Message;
It’s time to pour a little SELF-love back into your heart.

Geez, it’s been a long time since you spent any quality time with yourself, to let out a big belly laugh or play. All of your energy wrapped around someone who (or something that)  desperately needed your attention. And while there was nothing wrong with giving your time and energy, you sacrificed your well-being. Heck, there are even scratches, bumps and bruises that prove your struggle.

It’s not like you to completely turn a blinds eye towards self-love.

You’re usually good at keeping on top of your needs, wants and taking care of self. But this last period swept you away like a tsunami tidal wave. You didn’t know what hit you. However, it wasn’t a fight that you couldn’t handle. You proved good by doing the best you could by keeping your head above water. Buoyed by faith, you doggie paddled a little bit at a time, rested up, before mustering up the strength to stay afloat until you magically washed up onshore; ALIVE!

Reacquaint yourself with spirit to shine love into the world again.

There’s a world of possibilities now that more time is on your side. Pamper yourself. The next pathway will reveal itself once the water recedes. You’ve been here before, knowing that there’s not much that can hold you down. But as time passes, it becomes evident the sacrifices you made and the sort of powerhouse you can be when called upon. Now that you’re still, soak up some of those love rays. Peace is medicine for the heart to renew the spirit with joy. Prepare to see the world again in beautiful and unimaginable ways.

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