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Sister’s in distress
VIP Message for Maggie:

My sister’s in distress! What’s going on? Please help!

Laura Lee: Your question is tricky to answer, Maggie. It isn’t about you but about your sister, who isn’t ready to divulge her heart’s secrets. If you ask about yourself, then you allow me into your sacred space for reading. Your sister’s soul, however, isn’t permitting me or anyone to tap into her soul to give you a complete answer. With that said, I can share what I receive concerning your relationship with your sister.

She believes no one will fully understand, including you.

She’ll feel judged and shamed because she blames herself for getting into a predicament that is too heavy for her to cope with at times. She is sad, angry, short, and snappy. She’s avoiding people, such as yourself, to evade the truth about a relationship that makes her sick. And it involves a child(ren), which complicates things. She is on prescription medication (and alternatively self-medicates) to ease physical (emotional) pain to confirm my point. Her heart’s closed. 

You know deep inside that your sister is making excuses.

Don’t take her behavior personally. She’ll reveal details when the time is right because you’ll witness it. And then, she’ll have no choice but let you in and lean on you for support. In the meantime, leave her be, and honor her space. Send her peace, love, and joy from your heart to hers and melt away the pain. With practice, she’ll psychically sense your openness to share. And when you get a chance to reconnect, tell her you’re there for her when she’s ready. 

I see you and your sister checking in with one another since emailing your question. She’s still skating surface issues, but it confirms my message that your sister is on edge about disclosing her secret because she distrusts her better angels, encouraging her to let go. 

I suggest reading Angel Message: Divine Order and Patience is cherished for more insight. 

Keep me posted! Bless, LL

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