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Hope ~ Angel Message; 

Hope shines like a beacon of light. And it is much brighter than a shiny ray in the dark night. This is a shower of sunlight that opens up the whole sky, warming your soul from a cold dark, winter day. The kind that inspires flowers and trees to bloom in spring. And you intuitively know, “Oh, it’s going to be okay.” This is because your faith never wavered. Your ability to wholeheartedly believe caused a positive chain reaction of open doors. 

Hope activates life to flow. You notice a steady stream of coincidences. These are miracles to confirm that a greater force is working behind the scenes. While it seemed you were left all alone in the struggle, you witness, with great clarity, that it was an illusion clouded by fear. Synchronicities bond together to make a bridge for you to cross over with ease. Someone out there likes you and cheers you on to the finish line. Remember what that looks like? Now’s the time to own it. 

Hope expects the unexpected. In coming days, you can anticipate events to transpire in your favor. This can include being at the right place at the right time, meeting someone who gives you a lift up, and or the necessary resources fall into your lap out of the blue. Higher forces surround you in a vortex that attracts your hearts desires.  

The Hathaway family had hope when their missing toddler, lost in the woods, was found. The 3 year old claims he hung out with a friendly bear (guardian angel 🙂 for survival.  Read more at The Guardian

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