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Affection ~ Angel Message:

You are held in high affection. You receive a clear sign that you are appreciated for who you are. Receive this outpour of love and recognition as a gift. It is to fill your soul and keep you going on rainy days. 

Affection plays into your life role. It is absolutely necessary we receive messages of love to survive ~ but also thrive. This moment strikes a chord within your soul as a reminder of who you are and what you give to the world. Commit more time to go this direction. Schedule it into your life with intention and purpose.  

Affection opens your heart to give and receive. You’re not stuck in the past nor are you holding onto what the future will bring ~ or what someone/something is going to give you in return. Instead, you were (and are) open to about anything in the present moment. You do what you do with joy, peace and love ~ which is how this message got delivered in the first place. Continue your devotional practice and you’ll see the world welcome you with open arms.  

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