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Angel Messages for June: Harmony ~ I see a group of angels singing heavenly praise. I hear their voices harmonize together and slowly coming to a crescendo. This emits a feeling of peace. This is a good sign. I take this to mean that the heavens are synchronizing all working pieces, in your life, to harmoniously fall into place for your highest good this month. Even if you had to stretch out of your comfort zone, previously, by making some changes, or feel like there were setbacks or delays, it was necessary for everything to just click in June. All this is happening because you remained in integrity on your journey: you really paid attention to your heart to make important decisions despite what others may think or say. Our heart is the primary instrument where spirit guides you (it’s the same to say ‘I follow my gut’). And the heavens are rewarding you for listening to their guidance. To sum up the last half year, where everything in life seemed out of pitch, chaotic, where you’d almost want to shut off the sound of the world and hide, this month it finally comes together in perfect pitch and you begin a new phase. I welcome your updates. Bless, LL

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