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June 3, 2014

Dad’s June Special

Dad’s June Special rate is for any dad who needs answers about his busy life. This is also offered to anyone who would like to make a connection to dear dad (grandpa or dad ‘like’ figure) on the other side. $100 phone consultation with Laura Lee (over half off regular rate) for a phone session. […]

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My hero

Message of Love story by Megan: My grandpa passed away July 19th, 2012. He was my hero and the greatest, most, strongest man I ever knew. He was so kind and always putting others before him. All of us grandkids played sports and he wouldn’t miss a game for nothing, in fact he had to

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Open to Life

Question from Natacha/CA: Hi Laura Lee, Just wanted to give a quick update before I ask a question. I wanted to confirm something you’d mentioned over a year ago: I’m currently employed part-time with an entertainment company, which involves music, as you’d mentioned would happen. There’s been growth happening here and so, given my plans

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Angel Messages for June: Harmony ~ I see a group of angels singing heavenly praise. I hear their voices harmonize together and slowly coming to a crescendo. This emits a feeling of peace. This is a good sign. I take this to mean that the heavens are synchronizing all working pieces, in your life, to

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