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Get back together
VIP Message for Mia: 

Will my husband and I ever get back together? Mia

Laura Lee: Mia, you’re grieving about your loss. And it’s normal to process what will or won’t be. However, it is all up to you whether or not you’ll get back together with your husband. You can easily step back into the relationship because I sense he misses your company. However, your best bet is to accept him for who and what he IS if you want things to work out. 

If you go back trying to resolve the past with your husband, you’ll receive his pushback. I sense a lot of underlying anger lingers about matters that went unaddressed—and he doesn’t care to dredge up the past. He’s apathetic about the situation because it’s too hard for him to confront deep emotions unless you throw them in his face. I get the impression that you’d have to learn to leave it alone if you remain with this man. 

If he remained in the household after you left, it validates my message.

My gut says your relationship is complete, and that you two have ”grown” apart. People grow apart for all kinds of reasons, but what once brought you two together no longer holds a bond because you’re no longer interested in the same things. You are on a self-development track, and you want more from life, open and willing to learn. Your husband is comfortable where he’s at currently, and his headspace dragged you down. As I said, what interests him, no longer entertains you and vice versa.  

If he hadn’t joined you on the path of self-improvement, exploring new things together, it confirms my point.

Previously, your heart pondered how to leave the relationship. Your relationship with your husband leaned on the toxic side, and complex feelings pushed you apart. Higher guidance sent you the signals, but you ignored the call. Heaven and Earth co-conspired to make change happen when you weren’t willing to do it yourself. It wasn’t until you were – pushed (figuratively, perhaps literally) – out the door that you had to face the questions that always lingered in your heart. Sit with yourself to process a while longer. And just maybe, you’ll see that your change is for the better, despite its challenges:

  1. It’s uncomfortable to sit with yourself and confront deep feelings.
  2. It’s unsettling to be in a new environment that’s not YOUR home (physically, emotionally, and mentally).
  3. And it’s scary to face an unknown future of what’s to become of you. 

All these factors, plus more, trouble your mind. I suggest focusing on nurturing yourself before going back into an environment that wasn’t serving your higher good. Immerse yourself in doing things you enjoy and being around people (pets too 🙂 that make you feel loved. Then you’ll rise above to see the bigger picture, where you’ll discover YOURSELF – again. Then you’ll see what Mia wants or needs clearly, and if he can’t meet you in the same place, that gives you a clear answer. 

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