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Your resilient spirit
Angel Message:


Your spirit is undeniably resilient.


It is bold, bright, beautiful, strong, and wise. Your higher self knows what to do if and when you allow it to lead. It is evident how buoyant you were; this month, external validations prove your quick recovery. Keep up your excellent work by showing the ego who’s boss. The untrained mind enjoys capitalizing on fears. It tears you apart, holds you back, and makes you feel small. But, deep down, you remembered who you were. And it’s getting easier to tap into your inner reservoir of strength that’s carried you through before.


You’re resilient by reclaiming your power from other people.


The bumpy road brings a smoother journey ahead when you take back soul fragments handed away to anyone who caused you pain and or any situation where you fell into despair. The past does not have to define you in the present moment. Nor does it have to affect future outcomes unless you give power to it. Let it all go for once and for all. How you respond to the past significantly impacts how soon you snap back to feeling good about yourself and life. 


You’re resilient by rewriting old narratives from the past.


The inner critic beats you up for what you did or didn’t do. But now, you’re saying enough is enough. Shut it down immediately by rephrasing the script with the flip side that transpired for your higher good. There’s always a silver lining. If you can’t see it, search for it. A flickering thought is your soul’s light coming through searching for attention. Let it in. Reframing your past shifts the present moment and changes future outcomes in your favor. 


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