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He catches up
VIP Message for Emma:

My son Hayden has a speech delay. How long before he catches up to the rest of his peers?

Laura Lee:

I firmly believe Hayden will overcome his speech delay. 

The timing all depends on Hayden. 

I have an image of a male near your son that is impatient by his speech delay.

He can give your son a tough time about his speaking ability as if it’s a character flaw.

His frustration and anger are apparent to your son and cause him to withdraw.

It would be best to redirect Hayden away from these people and or teach him to act as if there he had no impediments. 

He’s perfectly fine the way he is with or without a delay.

Encourage Hayden to speak his mind and feelings if others bully or are impatient. 

Early intervention is critical for your son’s success, such as encouraging him to participate in activities that foster his development and self-confidence, such as reading aloud, theater, or choir. 

Singing makes it seem as if he hasn’t any speech delay.  

As I channel your message, President Joe Biden comes to mind. 

As a child, he stuttered but eventually overcame his challenge to become the leader of our nation.

I believe Hayden grows out of his speech delay by receiving this image.

When you take your son by the hands, look him in the eye patiently, and kindly ask him to slow down and think about his words before speaking can help.

Your son will trust and embrace an exceptional teacher who guides his progress forward.

I caught a glimpse of Benjamin in school halls as a teen, talking and laughing among his peers like any ordinary kid.

I recommend reading Angel Message: Hopeful for more insight. 

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