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Free: Angel Message

You are free to choose how to live your life. Whether or not you believe this truth, you hold the power to live freely day by day and minute by minute. You are not defined, nor bounded, by your perceived blocks. You give power to self-imposed fences by proclaiming them as your truth. These can include, but not limited to, being too old, too young, too rich, too poor, too feminine, too masculine, too ugly, too abused, too sick, too broken, too (insert your race, religion, sex), and this list can go on and on. You’ve fenced yourself off by accepting these labels as part of your identity. 

Learning to be free requires patience. Unshackling yourself from bondage is a process. Free your mind of limitations by stepping out on your edge, a place where there’s discomfort, and challenge what you believe is true. You are unbounded, limitless, powerful, and a creative being that can change the world. 

John Bunn lives as a free man. He was exonerated from a 27 year prison sentence for murder. Incarcerated at age 14, John never stopped believing his innocence despite the courts decision. With patience and dedication, he learned to read and freed his mind. Now he runs a literacy program to encourage students, and inmates, to expand their minds by reading. Watch his video;

Free the mind to heal the soul. Anytime a thought arises where you begin to accept an old belief such as, “I am…ugly, stupid, poor, sick….or fill in the blank ~ stop yourself and or notice the thought drift away on a cloud. Replace it with something more empowering, loving, such as, “I am beautiful, smart, rich, healthy…or fill in the blank. You hold the key to change your story. 

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