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Beginning: Angel Message for Week. 

There’s a new beginning emerging for you. It should be no surprise that everyday is a new beginning. However, we don’t consider waking up to face another day equal to major life changes as new beginnings. There is no difference with except varying degrees of change. Day-to-day things pop up that require you to shift, deviate and or your required to change the schedule to make it through the end of a day. The only consistency in life is change. Every new beginning requires change that can raise uncomfortable feelings. This can put you in a spot of not knowing what, where, and when to take the next step. While the unknown is a scary place, it is good for the soul. You’re growing and learning.

Surrender is an important process to every new beginning. Surrender all your fears of not knowing ‘how’ or the ‘what ifs’. The universe knows better than you how to achieve your objective. This doesn’t mean you don’t have a goal or intention in mind. It just means getting from point A to point Z can bring in a whole host of different possibilities for you to choose. Surrender what you think you may know. Be open to the possibilities that can help bring about the transition gracefully. Remember to breath. Take three deep breaths and come back to your heart; Pay attention to what feels right for you.

Be thankful for each day to begin again. Most importantly, you’re alive and your life warrants celebration. Okay, so yesterday wasn’t such a great day, because XYZ didn’t happen the way you intended to unfold. Or maybe you learned something that wasn’t useful to the process. Perhaps someone didn’t meet your expectations. Take whatever it is you learned and go with it. Move on by giving gratitude that you can try again. Today your given another chance to embrace a new beginning. 

The story of Dora the dog, gone missing, and her family’s journey demonstrates beginnings. First, by living without each other, an endless search that lasted months, not knowing whether they’d see each other again, and ultimately a surprise reunion after they received an amazing phone call. More:

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