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Fortitude: Angel Message

Your spirit carries on with great fortitude. You’re courageous amidst pain or adversity. Possessing a zen-like attitude, you emanate a serene calmness where others would normally panic. There’s an inner knowing that this is a transitory moment in time. You’re only passing through on the journey. Letting the past be, concentrating on your blessings now, choosing what battles to fight conserving your energy for progressing forward into the future. 

Fortitude is motivated by a clear vision of what lies ahead. These dreams were divinely inspired to give you hope for a better tomorrow. You didn’t just make them up. They emerged from what matters most within your heart. Staying focused on this vision will help you keep calm and carry on.

Florida, hurricane survivors Lynn Harris and Phillip Harris possess fortitude. “Together they walked, mother and son, each carrying a bucket filled with muddied water from a nearby pond. Two tadpoles could be seen swimming around the swirling water. The pair stopped to catch their breath, and then continued…..Her son, Philip, had arrived in town 10 days earlier to help his mother, who recently suffered a heart attack and had a stent placed in her heart.” Read more

Fortitude means you’ll have moments of weakness. Anger, sorrow, grief, or fear are part of the healing process. There is strength in vulnerability. Facing these emotions is necessary for you to remain clear and pay attention to your heart signals. The heart is your beacon, like a built in lighthouse to guide your next step. If the heart gives pain, stop. Go into the fear. Wait until it subsides. If the heart is in a peaceful or joyful state, go. Follow your inner light, implicitly, for a clear passage ahead.

Keep me updated! Bless, LL

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