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Acceptance – Angel Message;

Acceptance is a necessary step to heal. No matter how hard you fight, “it” exists. There are daily reminders from others. And everywhere you turn, signs point to facts. If it continues to resurface, the universe makes it abundantly clear that you need to face “it.” There’s no comfort in denial. You only prolong pain for yourself and others around you. Be willing to embrace “it” all to evolve for your highest good. 

Self-acceptance is soul-affirming. Claim your power by fully integrating all parts of you. You can no longer ignore a personality trait and or behavior that you claim is not part of you, because it is deemed wrong. But, it’s been part of your playbook for so long that you didn’t realize it’s a lie. Telling yourself so, as well to others that it isn’t real, doesn’t make it so. Excuses only hurt you long term and stunt your growth. Sit with that shadow part of yourself. Observe and meditate upon it. Learn to understand why it’s there in the first place. Ask yourself, “Why does it bother me when someone points it out? Is there any truth to it?” It’s neither bad nor good, but a part of you for a reason. By embracing all aspects of self, you reclaim soul fragment to make yourself whole. Channel it in the right direction for self-empowerment—peace reigns when you change your narrative. 

Acceptance opens your heart to compassion. You aren’t alone, even if you believe otherwise. You’re human, which isn’t perfect. This part of you, ready to be loved, will recognize and understand where others are coming from too. Instead of turning away, stand to look at it in others to learn that what appeared scary, sometimes ugly, is quite beautiful. You’ll discover sharing a part of self with others can build bridges to unite rather than separate. Then the healing begins, and you can make progress enriching deeper connections and experiences with others in your life.

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