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The right path

The right path ~ VIP Message for Lily:

My question to my angels: My husband and I bought a building in a nearby town and we were really excited as a family to do an ice cream business.  We were focused and things seemed to really fall into place to make it happen.  I had even traveled to a school in Missouri to learn how to make ice cream! Things happened which landed us a really fantastic location.  We even had a wonderful investor partner. We could taste the success of that business and how we can help the community – not to mention the education our kids would have gotten, but even the local kids.  There were a lot of positive effects this would have created especially within the community.  I feel we followed our hearts and intuition on what felt like a good path to take to have a positive impact on the people we touch.  We were not selfishly pursuing this and all focused on the money- running a business like that is hard work, but can be fun, and we had plans set to make it work.  We have the guides that I think helped lead us and make things happen. Then, there started to appear roadblock after roadblock. We fought through all of that, but after a while, it just seemed ridiculous to continue because there was this ‘force’ that seemed to be working against us to prevent it from happening and we had to shift directions.  There were many delays and only now, after over a year, do we possibly have a bank that will loan the remodeling (I say possibly because even that isn’t for certain yet, since the appraiser has not called us to set up an appointment, so I’m a little apprehensive). While we still have the building, we decided not to do our ice cream or indoor market.  We were thinking about selling it or renovating it to be leased out.  We are exhausted with the whole thing because of all the let downs. The whole thing seemed like a waste of time, energy, and resources. How is something that seemed so great is now turning into something we are struggling with ~ it makes me ask; why? Everything has challenges, but how on earth are you supposed to know if you are on the right path? Thank you, Lily

Laura Lee: Yup, Lily, your investment is much more significant than ice cream!

Speaking as a business owner and a spiritual advisor for over two decades; I know from experience that miracles grow out of difficulties. Hang on tight. 

You believed and invested in yourselves in a big way. Trust it. Businesses are like babies. They don’t grow up overnight. A business needs daily nurturing (blood, sweat, and tears) to grow up. It helps you, as its caretaker, to grow too. Baby’s, like businesses, cost a lot of money for maintenance. And as babies, a business can take years to build. The general rule of thumb is that it can take your business 3-5 years before seeing any gains. 

As you said, everything great has its challenges. But would you toss your children out when they became difficult? I don’t believe you’re that type of parent. IF this point resonates, it is a confirmation to the message to keep on, keeping on.

Here are some ways our angel’s signal that we’re on the right path:

  1. You felt good vibes, a bit scary, but excited going into the deal.  
  2. You feel pushed to get up most days to try, try, and try again.
  3. You feel, most of the time, calm while at work on it. 
  4. You hear the small voice within to keep going because it’s going to work out. 
  5. You’ve heard others say that this was a good investment. 
  6. You’ve overheard other people’s success stories of similar investments and hold onto them. 
  7. You saw the big picture from the get-go. 
  8. You see how much you/others have progressed.
  9. You see the possibilities shapeshift, as you go along. 
  10. You dream of the day when it’s all grown up, and you’re proud. 

IF you can say yes to the majority ~ just do it!

More importantly, if you can navigate, financially, through the COVID, economic, storm ~ see it through. 

Stay focused on what you want, not what you don’t want despite the obstacles. And do your very best, each day, to keep move forward.

AND finally, to answer the question ‘Why?’ Because, together, you can.

For more insight;

  1. Listen to RADIO MEDIUM: SPIRIT MESSAGE CHANGE from AUG 10 for more insight

I hope that helps Lily!

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