Your Are What You Eat

Laura Lee Psychic Medium

Heather from Toronto: Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had ours in Canada — I love turnip, mashed potatoes, stuffing. Butter Tarts- Wondering if the 2 men I went to school with should start an agency? Thanks, Heather

Medium Laura Lee: Thank you Heather and wishing you a wonderful holiday too! And to elaborate on the subject of ‘You are what you eat on Thanksgiving’ ~ you are doing the mashed potato girl: You’re like a big teddy bear—huge, yet approachable. You have a huge heart and make everyone happy. A people pleaser for sure! The stuffing on the other hand: You’re bursting with flavor, but complicated too. Also a bit sneaky—people sink their knives into turkeys and then BOOM, there you are, changing the whole picture. Now the turnip: interesting twist to the traditional menu. It isn’t you to be a conformist to traditions. You have to ‘turn it upside’ down for others to be a little uncomfortable. But, that’s why they love you, because you make them take a closer look at themselves and you do it so well ~ smoothing it over like ‘butter’! Hope that makes sense to the bigger picture 🙂 Hear about that job yet ~ the one tied to the US?! RE: the two guys possibly considering to start an agency, tell them to call me…you people pleaser you… sneaking in a questions for someone else, sandwiched in a banquet of goods! 🙂 Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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