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Struggling to Pay

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Jessica from Belvidere: You were right Laura!  You said someone at a bank would help us get money to fix our home, & they did. We were declined a loan. Then I wrote the president of the bank and he had the vp meet with me and my husband. They gave us 2 checks for 2 different home improvement stores totaling 6500.00.  It was awesome. We were able to buy a lot of materials we needed.  However, the payment is 582.00 a month and needs to be paid back in 1 year.  Does spirit see me keeping up with that payment?  If we can just get moved into this home, our money would be better. I’m struggling to pay everything right now at 2 homes. Any insight? You are so awesome, you inspire me and giving me faith. Million thank you!  Big hugs!!!

Medium Laura Lee: Thanks for keeping me posted Jessica. You have to give yourself some credit here. You made it happen and didn’t give up when the bank dismissed you! You have some ‘just do it’ angels on your side. Because of that determination, I find that you and your husband won’t blink when it comes to pay off the loan. It will come together by the new year. In fact, I believe that more money will come available due to a bonus or maybe a raise around holiday or New Year to give you all a hand with the expense. But, if you are can’t shake the strained feeling, ask for a little help from heaven.

I recommend the following exercise to engage divine intervention. Sit quietly and welcome your angel into your sacred space. Visualize (or pretend you can see them) standing in front of you. Hand over the loan(s) to be paid so to release the burden (You have to let go of the ‘struggle’ as not to perpetuate your fear). Then see the angel flying off with your loan to take care of your request.  And then, thank your angel for helping you find the financial resources to pay off your loan on time. Finally, close by seeing yourself peacefully and happy to pay off the loan.
Please engage this exercise before resting, upon awakening and anytime you sense anxiety over the issue. Choose peace over struggle. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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