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Bat and Deer Medicine

Bat and Deer Medicine

Liz from Indiana: I keep seeing a lot of bats & deer, what does it mean?

Medium Laura Lee: You are a keen observer Liz. Your guides are imparting these (and maybe even more, so meditate to converse with them) messages.

Bat ~ You may feel an internal shift coming. And since bats are nocturnal, sleep patterns may shift to signal that this shift is occurring within. Go with the flow instead of fighting it. Avoid any sleep aids at this time.. This could be a blessing in disguise because it is allowing you that quiet space to reflect. Especially in your dreams. If you find yourself reviewing the past, allow the wisdom to surface and how it will impact your future. It is a time to release fears and rebirth, transforming, your life into a new phase that may emerge more ego free.

Deer ~ in your case, I saw a deer stopped by headlights! Unsuspectingly caught in action and now figuring out next steps.  Deers sometimes lose their footing, frozen in their tracks, and fear, in these instances. Again, perhaps reviewing old stuff, letting the wisdom come thru, reflecting and transforming by leaping with such grace when dealing with challenges. Deers are sensitive and lead by strong intuition.  Ask for the deers guidance to help you be gentle in your approach to trust your instincts and move forward quickly.
I sense this all involves a personal relationships, but may spill over to your work too, as it may pull you down different paths. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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