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Diverse – Angel Message:

Your diverse mix of skills and talents puts you at an advantage. You’re a powerhouse that can rise to any occasion when you combine all your gifts. Stop making excuses about what you still require to accomplish a task at hand and or a goal. Spirit anticipates all your needs before you even ask. You possess all within to succeed. It’s already built-in, preprogrammed, at your disposal. Tap into the collective consciousness of your full capabilities and use them.

Your diverse talents make you unique unto the world. It’s what sets you apart from others. Maybe it’s how you share a story, sing a song, dance to your beat, persuade others to see a different perspective, offer a new approach for healing, sell someone an idea and or paint a picture that touches hearts. Your God-given gifts bring you joy. Why would you deny your happiness? Honor the divine within for your higher good. And in turn, you serve the higher good of others too. Celebrate your talents by sharing them with the world.

Your diverse skill set was by design. Don’t deny what you’ve already learned from the past. All was and is still accessible to you. Avoid fractionating parts off of self for auction. Skills are not a separate part of you. Incorporate latent talents with skills to embrace your fullest potential. You’ll never be more fully satisfied until all your parts are made whole and complete. Integrating all your beautiful shades will make you shine.

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