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CREATIVE Angel Message for Week 10/12 ~ The ‘angel of creativity’ is imploring you to use a talent(s) to express yourself through the arts. It may be to paint, write, make a craft, sculpt, make music and or simply color or draw with a child. I see this angel explore the halls of a museum, pausing at pieces that tug at her heart, inspiring her own imagination to run wild. Pay close attention to your dreams, day dreams, or your heart flutters around other people, what they say, and or how their work inspires you this week. It is igniting a spark in your heart. This is a ‘yes’ signal from heaven. TRUST to follow guidance wherever it guides you. It  ‘knows’ best. Keep in mind that this is how you follow the ‘yellow brick road,’ to find your home, that was mentioned in the Angel Message for October in Clarity. Keep me posted on your journey ~ Bless, LL

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