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Angel Message for October: The ‘angel of clarity’ stands in a meadow and peers through binoculars into the distance. He can clearly see the terrain, before him, because the sun rises over the horizon to illuminate his path. This month, he will help you see your path clearly. While last month was about assimilating knowledge about your life, to help heal from the past, this month is taking action ~ moving you in a different direction. And it is easier, because your path is illuminated, with more light, for you to see clearly and follow. Remember how Dorothy in the wizard of Oz wasn’t sure of the path, but the munchkins broke out in song and dance to point her in the direction and ’Follow the Yellow Brick Road.’ Truly, that is how easy it is for you this month. And you won’t be alone, because support will show up to help you too. Follow the signs, including if you feel a bit giddy in your step (like dancing with a lion, tin man, or scarecrow :-), a skip in the heart, and move to sing or whistle a little tune, then you know that this is the light working through you. It feels right…so go for it!  It may feel scary at first, because your used to feeling the stress or pressure of every day life. But time is wasting and you know it ~ so keep surrendering those fears over to the higher power. With even a tiny bit of faith, over time, you’ll find your groove. The beauty is that you are unfolding now, into an untapped potential that will growing stronger, more confident everyday, will soon move at warp speed to make up for lost time. Be open to the possibilities. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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