Angel Message for week 10/5: I see ‘Archangel Uriel’ with a book in his hands, flipping through pages, as if to ‘understand’ a valuable concept about your life. You may have formulated some ideas/thoughts on the subject, in the past, but this week Uriel will help you completely ‘understand,’ or give clarity (per Angel Message for OCT), about a matter of heart on a different level. Not only you understand, but now you don’t hesitate to apply it to your life which makes you all the more ‘wise’. It also helps you heal a past grievance, but with someone else in your life that involves your ‘old thinking’ that is no longer relevant to your life now, which means you’ll make a shift this week: discarding old beliefs, or ideas, that no longer serve you on your new path making you move easier, more efficient, and at lightening speeds. PS While writing this message, I couldn’t help think about the most recent shooting in Oregon, which makes me ill. May I dedicate this message to those victims…and all previous victims before this incident. And that Uriel enlighten the good ole USA with a new level of ‘understanding’ regarding mass shootings ~ and all parties work together to find a resolution to end gun violence for the greater good of all. You’d think given the incident was at yet another ‘school’ we’d have learned our lesson by now ~ Welcome your updates! Bless, LL

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