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Collaborate ~ Angel Message: 

Be open to opportunities for collaborating with others. Going solo has advantages up to a point, but sooner or later, you’ll need to ask for help. And or be a willing participant when offered assistance. Set your pride or ego aside at this time. No one who has ever succeeded, or fully lived, go it alone. They formed alliances with other people or parties with similar values and or goals. It is valid in all healthy personal or professional relationships. We all need someone to champion our cause.

Collaborate with people (or parties) that complement and enrich your life. Spirit always anticipates your needs before you even think to ask, by sending the right people at the right time. You’ll intuitively know who these parties are because they fulfill a need or desire. Even if you initially resist, because of hidden fears, you can see the value of getting together. The other party will have skills, talents, or offer something (services) that aligns with you. By working together, you can move faster, higher, and achieve more in less time. They may not arrive in the form you expect, but they reveal themselves in a surprising and timely manner. 

Be committed to collaborating by actively involving yourself. It is the whole, not the sum of parts, that make a significant impact. Together, you are more durable and wiser. And it’s not only your way, or their way, but ‘our’ way. Cooperate by agreeing on terms of engagement. Define roles and goals from the outset for a harmonious relationship to endure. Not everything is black and white. Be flexible and open to renegotiating. It’s a fluid process that requires tweaking as you go along. The transition evolves because everyone grows from the experience together. It’s a journey for all involved.

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