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Give ~ Angel Message: 

The greatest gift you can give is from your heart. That thing you do, better than any other, was your gift to share with the world. Like breathing, it is essential to share your heart to thrive in life. If you lack the courage to reveal your heart, ask to be a channel to share yourself with those in need. Pledge to share yourself with someone this season. There is no time than now to make your world, our world, a better place.

Giving from your heart is your greatest gift, too; it fills you up. Giving and receiving is the universal blood force of energy. One cannot happen without the other. When you deliberately stop giving, you block the flow; lethargy, depression, and anxiety can set in. Your body, mind, and soul become more susceptible to dis-ease. The lack of tender loving self-care can make you physically ill. Expressing your heart circulates your life energy and is a tremendous honor to the divine.

When you give of yourself, it naturally opens your heart to receive. To increase the flow, accept graciously all that is given unto you, even if you believe that it is not what you want or need. The universe provides what you require at the precise divine moment time. IF it isn’t for you, you’ll ‘know’ who does need it. Serve as a channel, earth angel, and give it. The heavens anticipate your demands before you realize it is your heart’s desire.

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