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Angel Message: Communication

Angel Message: Communication

Week 2/10 ~ Have you ever played the telephone game? When a message is passed on from one person to another person and when it comes through the final person that message has somehow been distorted from the first person. That is what I see; multiple angels interlinking phone lines trying to work things out through communicating. Although the lines were fuzzy before, perhaps tense too, this is the week when those communication channels become more clear. One of the angel stands up from the link of connected phone lines and emanates a gold light from the heart. I have a sense that this message means that as long as you remain in integrity, stay centered in your truth, others will align. I’m also hearing that if ‘stand up for what you believe’, you will extend that light for others too. You are a teacher to students, in this situation, who empowers others for their highest good. It’s all good. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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