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Tebnderness Angel Message

Angel Message Week 2/17: I see an angel gently pet a black cat. The black cat is often ostracized from people because its perceived bad luck. What I receive from this message is that you have something going on, such as a circumstance (this also can include a character trait too, behavior, disability, or a fear), that you perceive is your black cat and it is giving you bad luck. This thought weakens you. You believe it has limited you in many ways; living life to its fullest, overcoming road blocks, or even from taking the next step. Whatever comes to mind, this is your guidance speaking to you. Trust it. Then take responsibility for it being part of your life. And respond differently; Instead of condemning yourself over this limitation, be more gentle and embrace it. Acknowledge it. Look at it. Ask why it came into your life…again trust whatever first comes to mind. Sometimes our weakness is where we find our strength. And or an opportunity. If you are unsure how to change your perception over your issue, ask for assistance from your guardian. In a quiet space, welcome your angel (or guidance from a loved one or maybe for you it’s more like christ, etc) to guide you and show you how this limitation can be received as an opportunity to strengthen you. Again, trust whatever your receive. IF you are still unsure, ask for the message to come in a tangible form so that you can be sure to receive it clearly. IF you hear, see or know the message more than 3x, trust that you are lovingly being guided down the right path. Bless, LL

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