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Solution ~ Angel Message:

You are the solution to the problem. The power is within you to make the change. If you rely on someone else for answers or help, ultimately, they disappoint. It’s not that you can’t receive guidance or assistance from outside sources; they can give you a perspective and lend you a hand only so far. Then the rest is left up to you to go the distance. The struggle begins and ends with you.

The solution arrives when you’re ready for change. Ever wonder why you can’t think yourself out of a bind? A solution can’t possibly arise from the same mindset where the problem originated. It can’t come about when you’re closed off from your true self. A soul-ution occurs with a self-awareness that you are the source.

The right solution is all about attitude. Your outlook has to remain focused on what you want, not what you don’t want. Otherwise, you’ll get more of the same sort of trouble. Instead of working from an outside-in approach, reclaim your center to work inside-out for resolving the challenges you face.

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